Frequently Asked Questions

Here, in this section we will answer some of the questions people usually ask about working with Kitchen Experts Sheffield.
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How long will it take to fit my kitchen?

We don’t want your home to be disrupted for longer than necessary so because we are extremely experienced in all aspects of fitting your kitchen and will project manage all the work with our own team of tradesmen that we’ve used for many years, we can get in and out quickly with little fuss. The actual time depends on the size of your kitchen and requirements, we try to make sure you are left without your kitchen basics for as little time as possible or not at all. There are not many kitchens that would take us longer than a week to complete.

If I have building work or plastering to do before I’m ready for a kitchen fitted would you do it?

Yes, no problem. We can do absolutely everything and still give you one fixed price with no hidden extras.

Do you just do kitchen doors?

No, we do as little or as much as you need. Of course, if you just need kitchen door replacements then we can certainly help but we can also do so much more, all the way to a full kitchen refit. Let us know how you want to improve your kitchen and we’ll do our best to make it a reality.

How much are your doors?

We are bespoke so it depends on the size of the door, why not have a FREE no-obligation quote?

How do you ensure that the new hinges on new doors will fit exactly where the old ones did?

Our doors come without hinge holes, we will drill the holes on site to match exactly where the old hinges fitted.

Will you supply just the door and drawer fronts? I am a bit of a handy man and should be able to fit them myself.

Certainly, but we must warn you that if you order doors and drawers supply only, we will not aid with fitting but can provide doors with pre-drilled hinge holes if requested.

My doors are an unusual size, would you still be able provide for me?

Yes, our products are made to measure, meaning we can supply doors of any size. No matter what unusual size your door may be, we can supply it.

Will my tiles break during a worktop change?

We will always endeavour to protect your tiles, although it isn’t always possible as it may be impossible to move the worktop.

Do you do appliances?

Yes, we can supply any appliance you could possibly need from most manufacturers, including microwaves, ovens etc. We may even have some fantastic appliance storage solutions to help you make the most of your kitchen space.

How quick is your service?

Since we do as little or as much as you want our service time varies from job to job. A simple door replacement can take as little as one day!

Do I have to pay for everything up front?

No, usually we ask for 50% on ordering then the other 50% when it’s totally completed.

Are your salesmen going to be pushy?

There is no hard sell at Kitchen Experts Sheffield. We will visit your home, assess your needs and discuss every possibility. Once everything is discussed we will provide a FREE no-obligation quote. You decide what happens from here, you can accept our services right there or think about it, it’s entirely up to you!